News from Caron Electric

Hello to all my faithful readers. Sorry but it has been tough to get to the blog this week for some new content. Why you may ask; we were in transition from our Lexington to Burlington, MA location. I am happy to announce the move from our Lexington to Burlington, MA office has been completed. Of course it came with a few headaches as my phone lines were down for about 12 hours but we have worked out all the kinks. We are still finishing up some loose ends within the office itself but look forward to many years of service to our customers from our new location.

What else is new you may ask… 

Our HVAC division has been out in force..with the heat wave of the last week or so our customers cooling needs have boomed. From simple ceiling fans to complete Fujitsu ductless split air conditioning systems our technicians have been meeting the requests promptly.

Caron is also happy to announce we have secured our fanpage name (CaronElectricInc) on Facebook. Our goal required us to get 100 fans and was quickly meet and we continue to add new ones on a daily basis. I would love to send you an invitation to become a fan also see the link below:

If your part of the social networking club please take a moment and do a search for CaronElectric on any of the various sites (i.e. MySpace,Twitter, LinkedIn, Corkin, etc) you may be part of and we would gladly accept your friendship there. You can also email direct with your username for any site you would like us to track you down on. We give exclusive offers, specials and discounts to all our friends and fans online.  Look forward to making some new connections.


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