Going Green Tip #5 from Caron Electric

I am happy to be back with another Going Green Tip from Caron Electric. I have gotten a great response from these articles and Caron is proud to continue to offer them. 

This next tip you will be glad to know will cost you absolutely no money out of pocket. Its perfect for your home or business and all it takes is a flip of the switch.

TIP #5

Turn off those computers.

You always were told to turn off the lights when you leave a room well what makes your computer any different. For energy savings and convenience consider turning off the monitor if you aren’t going to use your PC for more then 20 minutes. Turn off both the computer and the monitor if you are not going to use your PC for more the 2 hours. Some will tell you turning your computer off and on will cause wear and tear on your system and hard drive; I have been doing this for years without any ill effect on my PC’s. At a minimum I recommend turning the monitor off – and remember every chance you have to save some energy is a good thing.

Caron Electric is working on our next set of articles so please check back soon.
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