Going Green Tip #1 from Caron Electric

Going Green – Tip of the Day for your home or business :

What can I do to my home or business to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly?
     This question is becoming more frequent then ever. We all should be doing our part to help but it can become costly. Of course you have your big items like a more energy efficient heating or cooling equipment, energy star rated appliances, etc. but there is smaller solutions that can benefit not only our environment but also your wallet. Caron Electric understands our customers needs and have come up with a checklist of Electrical items that can be done without breaking the bank.
In the next week I will be offering you tips to help start paving the way to a Greener Home or Business.
TIP #1


1) Energy efficient light bulbs.


    An energy start qualified compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) will save you money over its lifetime and pay for itself in about 6 months.
(Going Green Tip #1 – be sure to check back each day this week as a new Green Tip will be posted daily through Friday 7/10/09)
Contact Caron Electric anytime @ 800.440.9940 or service@caronelectric.com

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