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Caron Electric – Information about us

July 30, 2009

I wanted to take a moment out to let my readers get to know Caron Electric a bit more. If you have not done so already I ask you visit our website for a complete overview: 

Caron Electric is a residential and commercial electrical contractor working in Massachusetts. Our staff of experts are available 24/7 by phone or email. The owner Mr. Caron holds his Masters License and all technicians working in the field have a minimum of their Journeyman License. We carry full insurance for any and all work performed. The warranty is the best in the industry with a 3 year labor and a lifetime on parts installed.

Caron Electric provides free written estimates before any work is performed. On the initial visit our electrician will get an exact cost to you with the option of starting the work the very same day. The fleet of vehicles are service ready with 1000’s of parts at our fingertips, we don’t have to leave for supplies saving you $$. Caron works on by flat rate pricing meaning you never have to watch the clock – you will have an upfront cost that does not change once the work is started. This provides savings over your standard hourly rate company.

Caron Electric is a member of many trade organizations including but not limited to the Better Business Buereau, National Fire Protection Agency, and Angie’s list. Your in good hands.

A little bit about me (Max):

I work as the Service and Dispatch Manager and have been doing so since 2002. My duties include: customer scheduling, project timeline monitering, admistrative permitting, inspector corrospondence, stock/material procurement, and complaint resolution. I also help with the IT, Web marketing, and Brand recognition for the company. I take great pride in the wonderful relationships we have built and the incredible workmanship my techs do out in field. Previous to this employement I held similar positions in other electrical contractors stretching from Maine to Virginia.

This blog is just one of the many sites that Caron Electric is involved with. We provide exclusive specials and discounts for all our social network friends and fans. I hope to see you add us. Here is a list of some other places you can link up directly with Caron Electric.

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Ductless Air Conditioning Systems – It’s worth a second look!

July 21, 2009

Have you always wanted a Central Air conditioning system in your home or business but thought it impossible and cost prohibitive; well it is time to take a look at a Ductless Split air conditioning system. With the advancement in technology and product enhancement the ductless split air conditioning from Fujitsu/Halcyon is a perfect fit for many installations. At a fraction of the cost of a standard central air you will get all the benefits of having a central controlled cooling system. Select systems also have a heat option for supplemental heating. Halcyon products have been designed to provide zoned comfort for residential and commercial applications. Engineered to install quickly and easily without ductwork, Halcyon systems provide cooling and heating solutions where others cannot. 


A few key advantages of a Ductless Split system over a central air system or window air conditioner unit are…


1)      Quite Operation – since the system is comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit the louder components like motors and compressors can be installed outside


2)      Easy installation – the unit is feed by a copper tube running through a small 3” to 4” inch opening in the wall or ceiling to connect the indoor and outdoor units


3)      Energy Efficient – Since there are no ducts involved Halcyon systems lose less then 5% cooling vs. up to 40% on traditional forced-air systems. Higher efficiency including Energy Star Qualified units means you save money on your utility bill.


4)      Individual zoning – Cool or heat only the areas you want, or your entire home or business with multiple zone units.


5)      Environmentally Friendly – Halcyon systems use R410A refrigerant which is designed to prevent the depletion of the ozone layer.


6)      Safe and secure – Window air conditioners leave the home venerable for intruders to enter. Halcyon units are mounted high on the wall, away from the window, not compromising your security. Leaving you with a functional window and pleasant view.


     If the above advantages are not enough how about the varying equipment models and ease of installation that makes these systems a must have. Halcyon systems eliminate the need for any evaporator unit or costly and bulky ductwork installations. The thin copper tubing feeds the refrigerant directly into the discreet wall mounted units inside. Piping can often be done by routing through walls and joists to be aesthetically pleasing. The indoor units quietly distribute cooling/heating to the interior space.  With the ease of mixing and matching capacities and configurations the Halcyon units are great for even the most difficult areas to heat or cool. With the option to provide up to four separate zones with a timer and optional wired remote you are always in control of the varying comfort needs in different spaces of your home or business.


     All of these things result in a highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost effective way of bringing cooling and heating to your location. Now with even more cost savings available to you; Special incentives currently being offered are as follows…


Fujitsu Summer Relief Rebate – Up to $300 on select systems

Federal Tax Credit – 30% up to $1500 for the installation of select systems in tax years 2009/2010


     Caron Electric provides all this information as a source of knowledge to help consumers make the right decision. We provide onsite consultations and free written estimates to anyone within our coverage area. As a Fujitsu certified installer you can rest assured you will be getting the job done right.

You can reach us anytime at #800.400.9940 or by email 

Make sure to browse our website for all the other services we provide:

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July 16, 2009


Grounding; Knowledge for your Home or Business

July 15, 2009

Grounding; Knowledge for your Home or Business

     When speaking about proper grounding in the home or business we are referring to the capability of your system to carry a fault current back to the electrical panel where a fuse or breaker would trip, shutting off the power to that area. There is also the grounding from the main electrical panel to the cold water pipe and a ground rod that is driven outside of the home or business. Both of the above would require a site visit to assure they are done up to code, correct sizing of the wire is a must to assure proper grounding. Not having the proper grounding in your home or business could leave the site without protection from electric shock or fire. Damage to equipment, your home/business, or your person is much greater when proper grounding is not present.

     A few common things to look for to assure you’re properly protected with a grounding system in the home or business is the following…


3-prong outlets: Although a test should still be done to assure the grounding wire is connected and working properly; the presence of 3-prong outlets usually means the outlets are grounded. Any 2-prong outlet should be considered suspect. Never use a 2-prong to 3-prong adapter as this bypasses the necessary ground on the equipment. Any appliance or equipment with a 3-prong cord requires a proper ground to assure correct operation.


GFI/GFCI outlets: The presence of a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet is required in the following areas bathrooms, kitchens, garages and outdoor locations. Mainly any damp location requires a GFI/GFCI outlet not a standard outlet. The GFCI outlet has a small test and reset button located on the front of it. The GFCI outlet has an internal circuit that will shut off if it senses any current leakage or unequal incoming and outgoing currents. If you don’t see any outlets like this in the areas discussed it is highly recommended to update the system to include them. Electricity and water is a dangerous combination and without protection is a hazard waiting to happen.

GFCI breakers: The ground fault circuit interrupter breaker is essentially a GFI for an entire wiring circuit. The GFCI breaker is installed in the electrical panel. It monitors the amount of electric current going to and from the circuit itself. It will trip and shut off power to the entire circuit if any problem voltage/current is sensed. The presence of this style of breaker is normally a confirmation that the circuit is being properly grounded.

Surge Protectors are not grounding your equipment: Many people mistake the use of a surge protector as the grounding for your equipment. I have even seen surge protector strips being used in conjunction with a 2-prong to 3-prong adapter to plug it in. Although a point of use Surge Protector is a great thing to have you must still have the proper grounding on that line to properly protect the equipment. If using a point of use surge protector please verify the outlet it’s being plugged into is properly grounded. You can also get a whole house surge protector that would be installed directly at your electrical panel. We highly recommend these products but having one does not assure the grounding in the home is up to code.


     The simplest way to verify the condition of your current grounding system is to have a licensed, qualified electrician that is up to date with the local and state codes do an evaluation. Caron Electric provides this service as a free estimate to any consumer in our coverage area. Wiring in the home or business can always be updated to assure you have a proper working grounding system. You can contact us anytime at #800.440.9940 or

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What you don’t know about Carbon Monoxide – Can hurt you.

July 14, 2009

     For anyone unfamiliar with Carbon Monoxide it is Poisonous gas which is Odorless, Colorless, and Tasteless. That is why it is so important to assure your protecting your home or business from this harmful gas.

      Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Flu like symptoms including: headache, nausea, dizziness, confusion, fainting. At higher levels CO exposure could result in unconsciousness, or death.

This information is relevant to Massachusetts residents and businesses:

     As of 11/4/2005, at the time Governor Romney signed “Nicole’s Law”, named after 7-year old Nicole Garofalo who died on January 28, 2005 when her Plymouth, MA home was filled with deadly amounts of carbon monoxide on January 24. The furnace vents had been blocked by snow during a power outage.

     The new regulations require carbon monoxide detectors on every level of the home and within ten feet of each sleeping area and in habitable portions of basements and attics. The alarm you use must be approved by an independent testing laboratory such as Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL)

      The CO detectors may be:  Battery operated with battery monitoring; or Plug-ins with battery back-up; or Hard-wired with battery backup; or Low voltage system; or Wireless, or Qualified combination (smoke/carbon monoxide alarm). To assure compliance you can always check with your local Fire Department or Inspector before installing. Caron Electric always recommends having a licensed/qualified installer do the work.

     On September 6, 2006, the Board of Fire Prevention Regulations passed additional regulations requiring carbon monoxide alarms in transient residential buildings such as hotels and motels, institutional buildings such as hospitals, nursing homes and jails, and day care centers and after school programs. The Legislature has given owners of these buildings and those owned by the Commonwealth and local housing authorities until January 1, 2008 to complete installation.

     Landlords must inspect, maintain, and replace, if necessary, required CO alarms annually and at the beginning of any rental period. Tenants should report any problems with detectors to the landlord immediately and learn to recognize the difference between the smoke alarm and the carbon monoxide detector. Fire departments are currently required to inspect smoke alarms when one-five unit homes are being sold and transferred.

    For residential homes the following will help with the protection of your family:  CO detectors on every level of the home except unfinished basements and attics. Locate the detectors near bedrooms to allow for the family member to be awaken by the alarm Detectors should not be located near windows/doors to exterior of home, excessively hot, cold or damp areas or corners or rooms and peaks of ceilings. Do not place a CO alarm in a garage, furnace room, near the stove or fireplace.

Some other helpful tips to keep CO levels down at your home or business:

 1) have a yearly inspection of your heating/cooling equipment

 2) Check vent pipes, flues, and chimneys for leaks or blockage

3) Un-vented kerosene heaters are illegal in MA

4) Never use a charcoal grill indoors

5) Never use your gas oven to supplement heat for the home

6) Never leave a vehicle running indoors/garage even with the garage door open , the fumes build up quickly

7) Do not use gas powered engines i.e. generators, chainsaws, blowers, weed trimmers, mowers or snow blowers indoors or near doors or windows.

     At Caron Electric we understand the importance of safety and hope this article has been helpful to better understand the reason for CO detectors.

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Going Green Tip #5 from Caron Electric

July 10, 2009
I am happy to be back with another Going Green Tip from Caron Electric. I have gotten a great response from these articles and Caron is proud to continue to offer them. 

This next tip you will be glad to know will cost you absolutely no money out of pocket. Its perfect for your home or business and all it takes is a flip of the switch.

TIP #5

Turn off those computers.

You always were told to turn off the lights when you leave a room well what makes your computer any different. For energy savings and convenience consider turning off the monitor if you aren’t going to use your PC for more then 20 minutes. Turn off both the computer and the monitor if you are not going to use your PC for more the 2 hours. Some will tell you turning your computer off and on will cause wear and tear on your system and hard drive; I have been doing this for years without any ill effect on my PC’s. At a minimum I recommend turning the monitor off – and remember every chance you have to save some energy is a good thing.

Caron Electric is working on our next set of articles so please check back soon.

Going Green Tip #4 from Caron Electric

July 9, 2009
Welcome back for the 4th installment of the Going Green Tip from Caron Electric.

One of the best ways to increase your efficiency from your heating and cooling equipment is to get the most current system. Although a new system is one of the best ways to save money overall and assure your system is environmentally friendly there is alternatives that don’t come with the large price tag.

TIP #4

Add supplemental heating or cooling – less stress on your current system.

Don’t have the budget for a complete system check out these great alternatives: Adding ceiling fans or attic ventilation will help move the air properly throughout the home. Proper air movement assures you are getting the best heating/cooling for your money. Have one cold or hot area in the house, don’t run the heat or air conditioning all day to provide for that one small area – consider adding an additional piece of baseboard heat or a dedicated air conditioner to that area. Caron Electric specializes in Fujitsu- Halcyon Ductless Split Air Conditioning with heat options. These are highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost saving compared to complete equipment upgrades or replacements.
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Going Green Tip #3 from Caron Electric

July 8, 2009
Thanks for coming back again for another Green Tip from Caron Electric for your home or business. Our intention is to give home or business owners some low cost solutions to help reduce their monthly bill and at the same time help the environment. Just think if everybody did just one small thing what a great impact it could have for our Earth. Join the growing trend and start Going Green, Caron is here to help.

TIP #3

Lighting controls can be used to automatically turn lights on and off as needed, preventing energy waste.

The most common examples are dimmers, motion sensors, occupancy sensors, photo-sensors and timers. Adding just one or more of these devices in your home or business will be a money saving solution.
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Going Green Tip #2 from Caron Electric

July 7, 2009
     Thanks for returning for another Going Green Tip from Caron Electric.
As discussed in the previous article our intention is to give readers some cost saving tips on being more environmentally friendly. It can be very simple to change one or two things in your home or business and not only reduce your monthly bill but save on the energy consumption. Don’t go through another day wasting away energy and keep those dollars where they should be, in your pocket.

TIP #2
Replace your old rotary thermostats with new digital thermostats

For most heating and cooling systems, programmable thermostats provide an inexpensive and effective way to save energy. Add the convenience of different settings for different days of the week or seasons and never waste fuel or power again when it’s not needed.
See you back again tomorrow for another tip from Caron Electric
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Going Green Tip #1 from Caron Electric

July 6, 2009

Going Green – Tip of the Day for your home or business :

What can I do to my home or business to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly?
     This question is becoming more frequent then ever. We all should be doing our part to help but it can become costly. Of course you have your big items like a more energy efficient heating or cooling equipment, energy star rated appliances, etc. but there is smaller solutions that can benefit not only our environment but also your wallet. Caron Electric understands our customers needs and have come up with a checklist of Electrical items that can be done without breaking the bank.
In the next week I will be offering you tips to help start paving the way to a Greener Home or Business.
TIP #1


1) Energy efficient light bulbs.


    An energy start qualified compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) will save you money over its lifetime and pay for itself in about 6 months.
(Going Green Tip #1 – be sure to check back each day this week as a new Green Tip will be posted daily through Friday 7/10/09)
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